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Moisture & IAQ Solutions

In recent years, advances in construction technologies emphasizing energy conservation have resulted in tightly sealed and insulated buildings. As a result, the indoor air quality (IAQ) management of these types of buildings has become a top environmental concern. Increased public awareness of potential health risks and its attendant liabilities have compelled property owners to address IAQ problems and their causes. One problem facing property owners is moisture infiltration, which can cause mold growth. As such, a need for professional expertise when dealing with moisture infiltration has developed.

Mold and moisture causes billions of dollars of reported damage to building envelopes each year. Mold and moisture-related damage not only reduces the service life of buildings, but also influences the indoor air quality, the health and safety of the inhabitants, and the energy efficiency of walls, roofs and foundations. If all these additional influences are included in the estimate of actual damage, several tens of billions of dollars in losses may be attributed to mold and moisture related damage in buildings every year. Effective moisture control in the building envelope is essential if acceptable service life is to be achieved for the built environment. Therefore, implementation of proper preventive maintenance and in-house procedures is essential in addressing the moisture control issue.

Moisture & IAQ Solutions, Inc. can assess your property for mold due to water infiltration.

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